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Google's fantastic email service

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  • Ahmed Rabih

    by Ahmed Rabih

    I depend on gmail in all my correspondence and communication, I find it reliably and conformed..   More

  • Dukhu Mia

    by Dukhu Mia

    I think Gmail is very helpful for the users and it's effective in our working place. So, I really like it as well as ...   More

  • Alfred Elardo

    by Alfred Elardo

    It's working good for me..and very useful I hope you still give more services to your valued customer thank you Gmail..   More

  • Abdurashid Murtala Yunus

    by Abdurashid Murtala Yunus

    Great idea, i am very interesting using my google accounts..   More

  • aso ahmadi

    by aso ahmadi

    good work thank you that really great job i thing you are so smart.   More

  • Tony Austen

    by Tony Austen

    It is the best mail service, I have tried others but Google is the best..   More

  • Bernard Geotina

    by Bernard Geotina

    Excellent, friendly and easy to execute. I am using gmail for 15 years and until now, I trust gmail in all my lif.Goo...   More

  • Elizabeth Immormino

    by Elizabeth Immormino

    Gmail is a really good thing to have when you need to message someone..   More

  • tlotliso selebalo

    by tlotliso selebalo

    very reliable and i fully recommend it because i never encounter some problems with it ever since i create my gmail a...   More

  • by Anonymous

    Logging in on multi-user computers is too complicated. It sucks..
    It needs to be easier to sign in on a compute...   More

  • by Anonymous

    i need faster sending email..
    someone email me doing fast but i sent email to someone seem not fast enough and i...   More

  • by Anonymous

    asdasdasd asd asd asd adad ad adasd asd asd asd das asd asd asd asd das d asdasdasdasdas dasd as dasd...   More